Revolutionary New Design allows the Tennessee Walking Horse to move more freely from Hip to Shoulder, giving that desired “uphill/elevated ride” so sought after on any style of Walking Horse. 

The Saddles create a Balance for the horse and rider that improves the natural gaits of the Tennessee Walking Horse Rider is positioned to ask the horse for drive from the hip… stride is increased… shoulder is free to reach forward… the neck is now loose unleashing headshake. The rider now has an unlimited horse to collect and ride.

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The unique fit of the WNS saddle complements the TWH and all the gaited breeds like no other western saddle, maximizing stride, rhythm and quality of gait.

  • Rider has the ultimate contact
  • Light weight and efficient design
  • The deep seat pocket sits the Rider close but without restriction
  • Memory foam and Gel Combo seat is form fitting for rider comfort
  • The Rider sits the hinge of the horse’s back more centered because of the narrow twist and fender placement over the largest butterfly cutout
  • Saddle allows the horse to round its back
  • The stirrup fender sits back under the rider encouraging vertical position
  • Light weight stirrups with a strong turn to the fender provide easy foot and lower Leg control, promoting communication with horse’s hip, while reducing stress to the knee joint
  • Cinch position frees front leg and elbow
  • Different tree with to fit every body type of gaited horse

The Gait Trainer

Fitting the widest range of body types within the Tennessee Walking Horse. This lightweight saddle will accomplish every job. It will convince you that this saddle will make THE difference in your ride.

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The Goal Setter

Every Trainer's Dream, designed with Training Equipment attachments, deep Seat Pocket. Classic Western Look but still short and light weight even for younger horses.

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The Gait Maker

The Gait Maker is not the typical gaited trail saddle. While many saddles look similar, make no mistake the Gait Maker is a saddle apart from the others.

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The Superstar

When it comes to showing off a horse to his best ability, it is important to realize that even though you have all the bling, tooling and look, if the saddle doesn’t fit the horse well, he will not be his best.

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