Walk N Style

Both trainers have provided educational programs in many locations around the world and consider themselves to be true “students of the breed”

After years of working to develop good horses and correct riders while battling ill-fitting saddles and training equipment these two trainers have combined their knowledge and experiences to form the Walk N Style LLC line of equipment.

We experienced the need for saddles which placed both horse and rider in a position for success. Not only have we achieved this, but after 10 years of development it has exceeded our expectations. Horses are walking harder and riders are more effective than ever before

We really felt the need for a saddle that would allow our riders to feel to the horse’s true movement and not be impeded by a saddle. The Walk N Style saddle forms a better connection between rider and horse, the rider’s job becomes easier and the horse’s gaits emerge naturally.

Nicole & Denise

Feel the Ride

Walk N Style LLC is the only equipment line where the design is based on the special conformation and movement of the Tennessee Walking Horse

The Saddles create a Balance for the horse and rider that improves the natural gaits of the Tennessee Walking Horse Rider is positioned to ask the horse for drive from the hip… stride is increased… shoulder is free to reach forward… the neck is now loose unleashing headshake. The rider now has an unlimited horse to collect and ride.
All Gaited breeds and some trotting breeds are reaping the rewards of this wonderful, freedom of gait design! If the tree fits, it doesn’t matter the type of horse. Balance and movement are paramount and many are finding that they want this design for their horses too! Rocky Mountain Horses, Missouri Foxtrotters, Paso Finos, Peruvians, the list goes on!

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