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My champagne maker TWH Playboy and I are trail riders. We are fast on the road and cover many kilometers. Playboy loves to wear the Walk N Style saddle. The perfect saddle for gaited horses, I won’t give it up anymore. 😘

Mein Sektschaukler TWH Playboy und ich sind Wanderreiter. Wir sind zügig unterwegs und legen viele Kilometer zurück.
Playboy trägt den Walk N Style Sattel sehr gerne. Der perfekte Sattel für Gangpferde, den gebe ich nicht mehr her. 😘

The saddle is perfect for a walker, you just sit deeper in the saddle, closer to the horse and thus you sit at the right point. That’s when I notice that my horse (Royal Color of Jazz Storm) walks best because he has the freedom of movement! Highly recommended!


Der Sattel ist perfekt für einen Walker, man sitzt einfach tiefer im Sattel , näher am Pferd und dadurch sitzt man am richtigen Punkt.
Da merke ich das mein Pferd (Royal Color of Jazz Storm) am besten walkt, weil er die Bewegungsfreiheit hat!
Nur zu empfehlen!

I’m very happy with the saddle and wouldn’t buy another saddle for my Tennessee Walker Jones. Jones Walks great with it and I find it very comfortable to sit on.

Ich bin sehr zufrieden mit dem Sattel und würde für meinen Tennessee Walker Jones keinen anderen Sattel kaufen. Jones läuft super damit und ich finde ihn sehr bequem zu sitzen.

Glory and I have enjoyed this Walk n’ Style Saddle for about 4 years now. It is comfortable and I feel secure in it on the trail as well as in the arena. I am 77, with 2 replaced hips and that is important to me.

It’s also impressive that my horse is comfortable and unimpeded as she gaits under saddle.


I just felt compelled to tell how pleased I am with  the Walk N Style  saddle I bought from  you three years ago this month. I have never in my life bought a brand new saddle, and I have to say  It’s as comfortable now  as it was the day I first used it!  And it cleans up just beautifully.  I can do a two hour trail ride and when I get back… Nothing hurts!  First time that’s ever happened! I think my Tennessee walker mare would say the same thing, it seems to fit her like a glove, and she goes very, very well in it.

I also love that Earshy bridle, she’s always been a little funny about her ears but with this Earshy bridle, I just unsnap the brow band,  unbuckle the side closest to me, slip the bit in, buckle it back up, and we’re ready to go… no drama!  Not to mention, it matches the saddle perfectly. We look great wherever we go, and I get a lot of compliments.

Thanks again!  
Sarah Boykin

This is by far the best saddle I’ve ever owned. Had it xx years & it’s as good now as it was at the start. It’s better than all the expensive ones I’ve trued, even the Tucker.

These saddles are perfect for the gaited horse; designed specifically for their unique action. Ours keeps us comfortable riding for hours. I’ll never have another brand.

Kelly Rosati
New Mexico
1st owner of a Walk N Style Saddle!

Owning a young, gelding Tennessee Walker comes with its challenges.  One particular challenge was finding a saddle that fit him right.  I went through many different saddles and many weeks of sore withers until I found the perfect saddle.  I have owned my Walk N Style western trail saddle for almost 2 years now and the sore withers are gone. I went on a 4 hours trail ride using this saddle and was the only rider and horse that was not sore.  No matter where I ride, I always get compliments on my saddle.  This will be the last saddle I ever own.
Paula Duray
Colorado Springs, Colorado

Once you realize how these saddles fit both you and your horse, you will want to spread the word! 

I ride everyday and I used to get a sore knee and I don’t anymore. I tell everyone this: feels like an English for comfort with the security of a western. Doesn’t get any better

Mandee Wilson in Canada

Thanks for making another frustrated horse lady so happy with her new walk n style!!! Cyrielle is so so happy and so is her Rocky gelding! No more saddle issues!!!

I tell at least one person a week about your saddles!!!!! They changed my riding life, never had knee pain or a horse with a sore back

Hi Nicole! Thanks so much for getting my friend Natalie all set up with two new Walk N Style saddles! We rode today and she loves them! Yay!

Hi Nicole!


Here is a photo from yesterday. Lisa and friends and me, did a Christmas ride to the seniors home to spread some cheer.


This is my 7 year old Rocky Mountain gelding “Frenshy” in his new gear! We both love our new Walk in Style saddle very much. It was super difficult to find a saddle that fit him, because of his short back and special needs due to his gaits. Also, I’m not a toothpick either and in my mid 50’ties need a comfortable saddle, that feels safe to me and is not too heavy. We found what we needed in the Walk in Style saddle and we are glad to have made this investment, that will last us for many years to come and will keep my horse and me happy and healthy.  


Thank you for your prompt service and professional help. 


Diana Krah

Sangudo, Alberta, Canada


Five stars are not enough for the quality of saddles that Walknstyle makes. They are made specifically for the Walking Horse. Every detail is designed for the comfort of the rider and horse.  Saddles are fitted to the individual horse and rider. I actually own 4. The Superstar in light tan was created by Walknstyle for me. They designed it down to the last detail of color combinations for the conchos. My liver chestnut looks fantastic with the matching headstall, reins and chest strap. Notice the large gray wearing this saddle also looks fantastic.

 The Gait Trainer is my go to saddle for every day riding. I used it to complete a 50 mile endurance run. My horse and I took 6th. No issues or either of us with discomfort or soreness.

 The Gait Trainer is my go to saddle for every day riding. I used it to complete a 50 mile endurance run. My horse and I took 6th. No issues or either of us with discomfort or soreness.

The Goal Setter is the light tan one that was made for my husband. A new rider that can not say enough about how it fits him and his horse. He actually can ride for extended periods of time without any problems.

The black Gait Maker Crossover is my latest purchase. I bought for my black mare to compliment her . The pieces of silver are placed strategically to show off the beautiful lines when gaiting. I love the matching headstall, reins and chest strap.

If you want a product that is stylish and comfortable than check out Walknstyle. The products and customer service makes the difference. This is a company that cares about you and your horse. Does not matter if you trail ride or show the quality is phenomenal.