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Bringing The Tennessee Walking Horse to the World!

The Tennessee Walking Horse is a Horse that deserves a greater understanding through further education and equipment that allows him to be the athlete that he is desired to be.

Equipment that enables him to achieve his greatest performance.

Walk N Style Tennessee Walking Horse Products & Services

Encouraged for any Gaited breed


Revolutionary New Design allows the Tennessee Walking Horse to move more freely from Hip to Shoulder, giving that desired “uphill/elevated ride” so sought after on any style of Walking Horse.

WNS Signature Products

NEW!  Walk N Style Signature  Products chosen to improve the performance of both horse and rider.


Walk N Style LLC is the only equipment line where the design is based on the special conformation and movement of the Tennessee Walking Horse

Walk N Style


We really felt the need for a saddle that would allow our riders to feel to the horse’s true movement and not be impeded by a saddle. The Walk N Style saddle forms a better connection between rider and horse, the rider’s job becomes easier and the horse’s gaits emerge naturally

Walk N Style Services

We provide an educational environment where instructors, trainers, and any individual desiring to be knowledgeable in the Tennessee Walking Horse can communicate and share knowledge, techniques and experiences.

Walk n Style Tennessee Walking Horse Gear

Walk N Style Academy

Walk N Style and its creators Denise Bader and Nicole Carswell Tolle are dedicated to creating an education based environment and success driven series of programs through the Academy from which all participants can benefit on both a personal and professional level.

Walk n Style Tennessee Walking Horse Gear

Walk N Style Clinics

Walk N Style provides a great toolbox of techniques and equipment to improve our horses for both show and trail. These clinics are a chance to learn hands on the techniques and how to apply the equipment in each situation. It is a horse training journey designed for everyone!