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Walk N Style Academy

Walk N Style Academy Walk N Style and its creators Denise Bader and Nicole Carswell Tolle are dedicated to creating an education based environment and success driven series of programs through the Academy from which all participants can benefit on both a personal and professional level.

Walk n Style Tennessee Walking Horse Gear

Our Mission Statement

The mission of Walk N Style Academy is to provide an educational environment where instructors, trainers, and any individual desiring to be knowledgeable in the Tennessee Walking Horse can communicate and share knowledge, techniques and experiences. We welcome participants from all backgrounds including other gaited breeds!

The Academy is in place to build knowledge and provide support for those endorsing WNS and in agreement with its processes and techniques.


The WALK OF CHAMPIONS Program is the first segment in the WNS Academy Program Educational Series

The WOC is a 4 day program designed to introduce the Tennessee Walking Horse from origination to his jobs and abilities today.  Basic information on the training, riding and traditions of this great horse are all explained and taught in live sessions with interactive activities.  As the foundation program, it prepares students for the next level programs of Training Level 1-3 and Instruction Level 1-3.  



Come join us at Tennessee Walking Horse School!  We are seeking everyone from the complete novice to the most experienced!  Fellow TWH enthusiasts around the world are invited to join us as we bring education about this great horse to the forefront!  The basics of training, horsemanship, health, gait development, shoeing, all aspects of this great horse will be addressed. We want to build your knowledge, your confidence, and your ability to set goals and achieve them!

Why would you need to attend this program?

First of all, we would love for you to join the Walk N Style family!  We at WNS have always believed that TWH lovers always want to learn more about their horse, themselves as horsemen, and feel confident enough to form goals and reach them! We want you to have a solid, well rounded grasp of the best skill set to ride, train and maintain this horse to his best potential.  This program is for the complete novice to the most experienced horseman.  Upon completion of this program we will present you with a beautiful certificate for display (and bragging rights)!  You can either enjoy your accomplishment and the knowledge you have gained and move farther forward within the WNS Academy to your discipline of choice to become an accomplished, educated rider, or pursue your dream of becoming a professional trainer or instructor.  Regardless of pursuit, we want you to leave with a sense of accomplishment and fulfillment that you and your horse appreciate – and we want to be a part of your journey!

Other subjects we approach at the WOC Program are:

  • Nutrition
  • Conformation
  • Gait Scale
  • Types of leg protection
  • Round pen techniques
  • Body Language
  • Training Equipment
  • Saddle fit
  • Bridle function
  • Bitting
  • Canter
  •  Rein Handling
  • Ground handling

All topics are specific to the Tennessee Walking Horse!

For 4 days we load you with information and send you home with a big binder full of great information