Walk n Style Tennessee Walking Horse Gear

Instruction Certification Program

The Instruction Certification Program is designed to recognize individuals who are capable teaching the Tennessee Walking Horse utilizing methods and techniques established within our program. While individual style will be encouraged, program goals are to:

Instruction Certification will encompass 3 levels:
Level 1:  Mechanical Stage
  • Forms for Liability and information pertaining to the student and your teaching program
  • How your program will be shaped (private, group, etc)
  • What type of horses you will utilize
  • Equipment you will use
  • Ground handling for you and your students
  • Safety Measures
  • Basic teaching format for building the fundamentals within the student
  • Understanding basic horse movement and collection
  • Pairing horses to riders
  • First Aid

LEVEL 1: $2200

Level 2:  Automatic Stage
  • Showmanship from the ground
  • Exercises to build position, strength and balance
  • Assessing rein handling and overall body position for improvement
  • Introduction of pattern work
  • Developing a better understanding of Collection 
  • Recognizing the development of “Feel” within the rider and activities which promote it
  • Mental Development for the rider toward understanding the horse’s way of thinking and reacting
  • Using competition as a tool for building skill

LEVEL 2: $2200

Level 3:  Instinctive Stage
  • Advanced Exercises to build greater strength, balance, feel
  • Advanced pattern riding
  • Intensive work toward building the form necessary to extract performance from the horse with barely noticeable signals
  • Building the bond between horse and rider to make a TEAM
  • Show ring attire and how it makes or breaks the presentation 
  • Maintaining the lesson horse for advanced work
  • Equipment necessary for upper level riding
  • Saddle fit for the show horse

LEVEL 3: $2500