Walk n Style Tennessee Walking Horse Gear


The Training in Certification Program is designed to recognize individuals who are capable of training the Tennessee Walking Horse utilizing methods and techniques established within our program. While individual style will be encouraged, program goals are to:

Level Format

WALK N STYLE LLC provides a training format involving round pen work, starting colts, developing young horses under saddle, and maintaining the aged horse 5 and over.


Train the eye of the certifier to recognize desired movement within the individual horse


Identify points for improvement


Apply techniques which grow and develop the horse into an improved individual.

While staying true to the fact that the Tennessee Walking Horse was created and bred to cover the most amount of ground in a single stride while giving a smooth ride, and demonstrating headshake and brilliance of carriage. WALK N STYLE will adhere to those basic principles of performance when training individuals toward certification.

To join the WNS Program is to join a TEAM dedicated to the positive progression of the Tennessee Walking Horse as a breed and legitimate athlete. Our goal is to produce a consistent group of training minded riders known for skill and understanding in the development of the Tennessee Walking Horse.

Level 1 Training
  • Correct movement
  • Work on older horses
  • Flexing
  • Gaits
  • Bitting 1 (snaffle, shank, gag, etc)
  • Longeing
  • Basic Horsemanship
  • Energy control
  • General evaluation of the square and pacey horses
  • Shoeing
  • Movement evaluation
  • Ground handling skills
  • Canter a finished horse
Written and Live Testing

LEVEL 1: $2200

Level 2
  • Horses with experience under saddle
  • Ground driving
  • Horsemanship
  • Energy management
  • Learn tools to actually correct trot and pace horses
  • Shoeing (types of horses)
  • Ground handling horsemanship
  • Bitting 2 (understand which bit does what)
  • Help a horse to perfect the Canter (collection, rhythm)
Written and Live Testing

LEVEL 2: $2200

Level 3
  • Colt Work
  • Shoeing
  • Build a young horse up to and aged horse
  • Bitting (pick bits for the different stages of horses)
  • Live evaluation test / horse choice fitting training equipment
  • Problem solving (tongue over the bit, horse not Level behind…)
  • Customer management/stable management
  • Teach a horse to Canter
  • Saddle Fit
Written and Live Testing

LEVEL 3: $2200