Walk n Style Tennessee Walking Horse Gear


Teach bitting and flexion with ease.  The Tie Arounds are the most versatile tool for your toolbox!

WNS Tie Arounds

  • The most versatile tool you will every use to teach both vertical and lateral flexion
  • Handmade with quality US Herman Oak Leather in Colorado
  • Trigger snaps on each end for secure attachment
  • These round leather straps make bitting easy.
  • No slip adjustment, same adjustment on each side 
  • Equal pressure wherever you attach
  • Versatile adjustment locations with the use of either the WNS saddle or surcingle
  • Great for encouraging bend where the horse teaches himself without the interference of the riders hands how to flex in each direction laterally and vertically with the simple change of location
  • A no-brainer for developing flexion in all directions
  • No training equipment should ever be held or attached to such a tightness that the horse has no room to find release when he carries himself as desired 
  • There should always be room for the horse to find release in correct form so that he learns self carriage
  • Come in a pair


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