Walk n Style Tennessee Walking Horse Gear

WNS Ear Shy Headstall

  • Handcrafted from the finest American leather, stainless steel hardware and outstanding craftsmanship
  • Made of Herman Oak Harness leather, but WNS matching saddle leather colors (Walnut, Lite Oil, Regular Oil, Black) available for additional fee
  • For horses that will not tolerate a bridle being placed over the ears
  • Browband has special snaps for secure placement and staying power during long rides and rubbing on objects
  • Safer and more acceptable way to bridle a horse with head contact issues
  • The crown can be placed over the horse’s head and fastened at the cheek, then the browband snaps into place
  • Great for training young horses how to accept the bridle with less contact of the ears
  • Older horses who have learned to be headshy because of rough handlers can be desensitized through repeated use
  • We want our equipment to fit your horse!  Because horses sometimes come in very small or very large sizes, special sizes can be accommodated upon request for a small additional fee!


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