Walk n Style Tennessee Walking Horse Gear

WNS Rolled Draw Rein

  • Handmade with quality Herman Oak Leather and stainless steel hardware
  • Effective training aid to develop a head set at any level from English horses to Western horses  
  • Can be used with any snaffle bit
  • Combined with the WNS Surcingle, these reins can be set at any adjustment which suits the headset level of the horse
  • Flexion at the poll and bend to the neck provide the development of ultimate softness
  • Horses can work with the draw rein in use or as a reminder for headset adjustment.
  • The draw rein is to be held in the inside of the hand (third finger) and in combination with a regular rein (fourth or fifth finger) so that the rider can always encourage response through the direct rein, but increase flexion through the draw rein
  • No training equipment should ever be held or attached to such a tightness that the horse has no room to find release when he carries himself as desired  
  • There should always be room for the horse to find release in correct form so that he learns self carriage
  • This quality leather is designed to get more supple and strong with each oiling and extended use


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All our Walk N Style Training Equipment is made especially for the Tennessee Walking Horse and designed by Nicole and Denise.

Nicole and Denise really know the horse, what fits and what he needs!