Walk n Style Tennessee Walking Horse Gear


The Flex Trainer is designed to offer the horse support to encourage him to put his back into his work while giving him the needed flexibility to keep the head shake.  Once the horse starts to use his back and abdominal muscles, it will elevate his gait and collect the canter in a soft manner.


WNS Flex Trainer

  • Handmade with quality US Herman Oak Leather in Colorado
  • Stainless steel hardware and strong flex strap in black
  • In training for optimum balance, the Flex Trainer brings focus to the “hinge” of the gaited horse’s back and stabilizes the stride by putting emphasis on use of his topline
  • By using the Flex Trainer, horses will use their topline and tighten their core therefore increasing rear end drive and shoulder lift
  • Head shake is encouraged through the stretch of the Flex Trainer with each stride and head nod
  • During canter training, the Flex Trainer provides stability for the horse’s head without interference in the mouth.  The horse is able to round his back and gather himself in each stride with more balance.
  • Continuing to have head motion at the canter is imperative to gaining a balanced Rocking Chair Canter.  The Flex Trainer provides the flexibility necessary to encourage that head motion.
  • No training equipment should ever be held or attached to such a tightness that the horse has no room to find release when he carries himself as desired  
  • There should always be room for the horse to find release in correct form so that he learns self carriage
  • To be used in combination with the Flex Caveson during the finishing phase of canter training


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