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Black, Walnut, Harness Leather

WNS Training Rolled Nose Caveson

  • Handmade with quality US Herman Oak Leather in Colorado
  • Stainless steel hardware
  • This caveson is easily adjusted and fits most horses  
  • Unique to the WNS Rolled Nose Caveson are the rings used to attach the nose piece to the cheek and jaw straps  
  • The ring provides stability and placement to the rolled portion of the caveson and applies a concentrated pressure only to the bridge 
  • The Rolled Nose Caveson provides added pressure to the bridge of the nose for horses who are stronger on the bit and need more encouragement to flex at the poll 
  • It is also a good discourager for horse who tend to open their mouths when bit pressure is applied  
  • WNS Signature Line matching leather colors available for additional fee
  • We want our equipment to fit your horse!  Because horses sometimes come in very small or very large sizes, special sizes can be accommodated upon request!


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