Walk n Style Tennessee Walking Horse Gear

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  • $30.00

    The Technical Stuff: A colloidal silver spray formulated to be applied directly to the skin to aid in the prevention of bacteria and fungus known…

  • $49.00

    The Technical Stuff: A therapeutic shampoo for horses to aid in the prevention of bacteria and fungus known for causing irritations such as rain rot,…

  • $59.00

    Durable & Strong Nearly indestructible, EverLeather™ outer Lightweight Waterproof foam on the inside Extra Protection Scratch, puncture & tear resistant Secure Fit Reinforced safety closures…

  • $64.00

    Unobtrusive Leg Protection Created from a stretchable & breathable stockinette Help Keep Legs Clean Wear to the ring for warm-up & remove before showing Protects…

  • $31.00

    Constructed from EVA Foam Provides comfort & relief to sore-footed, stone bruised & laminitic horses Easy to Use Can be used daily for pain relief…

  • $10.00

    Anatomical Shape Cork shape & custom fit recovery foam keeps the earplugs in place Guard Against Bacteria & Fungus Patented antimicrobial baked into the foam…