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28 lbs

25“ skirt length (16 Inch Seat)

Three Colors; Black, Walnut and Light Oil

Pommel Rings optional

Suede or Leather Seat

Five trees widths available

Four seat sizes: 15”; 16”; 17”; 18”

This style of saddle has the most versatile tree available to accommodate every angle of shoulder on the Tennessee Walking Horse.

It provides the ultimate clearance for a very high withered, prominent backboned horse. Any age horse can have this conformation, but it is more prevalent in older horses. The high clearance puts the saddle in a position to completely clear any contact with the horse in the wither area.

It puts the rider in the horse’s center of gravity, making the “sweet” spot easier to find and allows the horse more freedom on both ends.


There are times when you find yourself leaning over the front of the saddle for a gate, a burst of energy from the horse throws you over the front, or you may find yourself needing a handle to get position going up a hill or through a tough obstacle. The round front provides benefit of a handle on those occasions, and if you find yourself thrown up there, you will not get a saddle horn in your stomach.


Lifting, carrying, tacking up all involve handling the saddle. Weight and design make this saddle the easiest yet toughest saddle for the job.


The Gait Trainer has a trainer/instructor friendly design

While this style of saddle is not a traditional choice, you will find the differences in the saddles you have been using versus the GAIT TRAINER refreshing. The 3 rings (optional) create an advantage when attaching training equipment whether for later use or immediate attachment. Side checks, overchecks, bit rigging, draw rein attachment, etc, these rings provide a great location for rein attachment while in the round pen or on the lines.

Training benefits are unlimited. The design of the saddle alone which opens the shoulder, frees the hip and sits the rider in the pocket on the hinge of the horse’s back help the Tennessee Walking Horse be free to do what he does best. Other gaited breeds will benefit as well in that the rider is finally in a position to “stay out of the horses way of performance”.

As a Trainer/Instructor, your long term health is important

The weight of the saddle is also another point which as you get older becomes a great deal more important. Professional trainers have lifted heavy western saddles for years, but due to that fact they now have shoulder pain and stiffness. The GAIT TRAINER is 28 lbs in a 16 inch seat. A smaller seat will lighten the weight and a larger seat will slightly increase it. 28 lbs is much better to lift repetitively every day then a 50 + pound saddle. The round front also presents a great handle for gripping the saddle on the lift up saving the hands and fingers as well.

Riding instructors - your job just got easier

The front design provides a great hand set position for new riders

The center ring on the front can be a great marker for the rider who crosses their hands over the neck and needs to learn direct rein pressure

Instructors can teach the correct body position and technique without the rider being committed to English or Western seat

The vertical (ear, shoulder, hip, heel) line becomes easier to achieve.

Narrow twist of the tree is comfortable for all ages and sexes

Light weight Stirrups and pre-turned fender make foot position easy to learn and maintain.

With all the rider position bonuses built into the WNS saddles, you will find you are repeating less and less the standard “heels down”, “sit back” instructions. Teaching a rider to feel for the slight elevation created by a well balanced flat shod horse becomes easier because the path to feeling it is built right in!

Walk N Style Saddle Size

Gait Trainer

Medium – 7”

Wide 7.25”

XWide 7.5"

FB Medium – 7” with a steeper angle

FB Wide - 7.25” with a steeper angle”

Gullet width

Gait Maker

Medium - 7.5”

Wide - 7 ¾”

XWide – 8”

Gullet width



While WNS doesn’t promote that our saddles are Endurance specific saddles, we have several clients that are dedicated Endurance Riders and compete regularly, that love our saddles. The Gait Trainer is the normal saddle chosen for Endurance. Because of the maximium clearance of the saddle and freedom of shoulder and hip which is non-taxing for the horse the horses reach the check points less fatiqued. The rider is placed in the pocket when fully seated, but when its time to lean forward for hills or inclines, they easily can with the saddle still not allowing them to put full pressure on the shoulders.



Trail Riders love the multiple rings for water bottles, cell phone cases and other items needed on long rides. There are so many locations to attach emergency items or convenience items. Some riders prefer to leave off the rings on the front, but there are still options to the rear of the saddle. Miles and miles of terrain, regardless of ruggedness, these saddles are quickly becoming a favorite for horses and riders alike!

Training Equipment - lets get attached


We will cover the specific items of equipment we have developed on the equipment page, but being able to attach to the saddle is important. Attachment mimics the type and location of pressure you wish to achieve maximum head set and gait with. You can adjust to a hand set position, or change the pressure to lower to work on more roundness in the back. Lets look at the attachment options on the Gait Trainer!


Of all the WNS saddles, the Gait Trainer has the most attachment options. This saddle is designed to be the work horse of the saddle line. Here are the attributes: