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29 lbs

25“ skirt length (16 Inch Seat)

Round or Square Skirting

Three Colors; Black, Walnut and Light Oil

Suede or Leather Seat

Three trees widths available

Four seat sizes: 15”; 16”; 17”; 18”

3 Tooling Options

Silver Options

A Saddle with a purpose

The Gait Maker is not the typical gaited trail saddle. While many saddles look similar, make no mistake the Gait Maker is a saddle apart from the others. Designed by trainers for horse performance and riding instructors for rider position, the Gait Maker is a serious change to the concept of Gaited Trail Saddle.

Is it true that a saddle can make a gaited horse gait?

If you think about all the things that keep a horse from gaiting, then you can begin to understand how a saddle actually can create gait. First lets realize that a horse bred to gait, always will have the physical capability and desire to gait. It is how he is hard wired. Then begin eliminating any pinching of the shoulder and hip areas, shift the rider back into a space where he no longer blocks the performance of the horse and how his body wants to work. Now the horse has to carry the weight in the correct place and is being squeezed and pressured by the rider in the correct areas and pretty soon the horse finds his balance and the gait emerges.

Of course all horses need collection from the hands, through the bridle and a good dose of rider encouragement, but we have eliminated all the road blocks on the way to gait. This is a very big accomplishment for a saddle. “We have witnessed total transformations of horses in gait by switching to the Gait Maker saddle for our Trail riders. Normally what we have seen are horses that ring their tail, are inconsistent with their head position and inconsistent in gait, become suddenly quiet, steady and consistent. Their tails are quiet, they are happy in the bridle, and slowly but surely what was a busy, hectic, hustling ride, becomes quiet, consistent and much nicer to view as a pair. Some transformations are quite shocking.


When you place the Gait Maker on your horse, you will be able to see and feel the spacing for the shoulders and hips. You can run your hand under the saddle front and back and know that the horse will have the freedom to move at maximum stride. As you move your hand farther back, you will feel the closest part of the saddle to the horse is the pocket, where the rider is seated. While this area is closest, when the horse works and performs, you will get an even sweat pattern.

Difference is, your horse is not actually feeling rider pressure on the shoulders and hips. All other saddles lay on the horse from shoulders to hip and create and flat, unmoving pressure along the entire back. For the Gaited horse, this restricts the flexion of the back muscles which for a horse using 4 legs independently is a gait killer. Other Gaited horse saddles place the rider forward, in front of the hinge causing the rider to be too far from the rear end to get good drive with the legs. Gaited horses are best when they are not carrying the rider over their shoulders. Other saddles push the riders legs forward, putting them in recliner position. This really puts the rider on the jean pockets and creates a dead seat pressure on the horses back. The WNS saddles place the rider in a pocket, but because the stirrups are under the rider, it lightens the riders weight in the saddle making it easier for the horse to carry the rider on the hinge where it suits him most. Then there are the gaited saddles that sit the rider up off the back so high, you can not feel the horse. There is so much fancy padding, cushion, flocking and other well meaning materials, that the movement of the horses back becomes hidden.


When you climb into the Gait Maker, you immediately feel the pocket. The saddle places you on a memory foam seat what conforms to your bottom as you ride. Many riders tend to have off pressures in the seat. The foam will conform and absorb these a bit more than a firm seat, but not play to them as a bunch of excessive padding can do. The goal of the Gait Maker to put the rider close to the horse where he can feel the horse move. Being able to feel the horse through the saddle is a very English feel, even though the saddle is a western style.

The rider can feel that from the pocket, the horses shoulders are active. As the horse recognizes the new freedom of his shoulders he will work lighter and lighter out of the shoulder. As the horse uses his front legs more because of this freedom, he will round his back and stride underneath as the saddle is not contacting his hip line. His back will drop away from the edge of the saddle back and he will have complete freedom.


Walk N Style Saddle Sizes

Gait Maker

Medium – 7.5”

Wide 7 ¾”

XWide 8"

Gullet width



Many riders live in areas where there aren’t a lot of horse shows, but the few offered are a fun way to get our and meet new people and get more experiences on their horse. The GAIT MAKER can be dressed up with tooling and silver to make a great crossover saddle to fit all occasions. Here are some examples!

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