Susan Ellis

Ruth Machain
March 7, 2018
Andrea Gebel
March 7, 2018

Wow and wow.

There are the special things in life like fuzzy slippers and Disney World that are good for the soul. Likewise great riding lessons when you have gone wandering put you back on course and give you those feel good moments. This past weekend we got to meet and so benefit from the instruction of Nicole Carswell Tolle and Denise Bader Wow and wow. It felt like we were back cruising. ❤️

Then we got to hang out with great ladies we knew like Carmen Franck Vaughan and Jen Garrett and meet new folks too. it had been a long while since I had gotten to enjoy eating some dust and sweating up saddle pads for a good cause. Casper didnt get expelled for sliming folks and wiggling too much. He made up by gliding.

Thank you Doc Carmen for your hospitality and Nicole and Denise for some awesome instruction. See you in March.

Photo-Casper with his teacher Nicole Carswell Tolle.