Workline Heavy Split Reins
February 1, 2018
Workline Training Headstall
February 1, 2018

Workline German Martingale


  • Handmade with quality US Herman Oak Leather and stainless steel hardware
  • For the introduction of flexion with a softer touch, in attaining proper head set
  • Reins are provided with 3 dee ring adjustments allowing for 3 different levels of collection as needed
  • Both young and aged horses enjoy the German Martingale to not only learn to give softly to a snaffle bit, but to refresh and have a change from a curb bit
  • Can be used with any snaffle bit
  • Rider effort is minimal with the leverage provided by the rope sliding through the bit ring as connected to the reins in desired position
  • Excellent for green riders just learning rein contact and for any rider with rough or unsteady hands requiring minimum effort
  • Collection made easier for both horse and rider 
  • Trail riders enjoy this piece of equipment as it provides control through flexion while still maintaining freedom through the snaffle bit
  • No training equipment should ever be held or attached to such a tightness that the horse has no room to find release when he carries himself as desired 
  • There should always be room for the horse to find release in correct form so that he learns self carriage
  • This quality leather is designed to get more supple and strong with each oiling and extended use
  • WNS Signature Line matching leather colors available for additional fee

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