Walk n Style Tennessee Walking Horse Gear

Level Format

WALK N STYLE LLC provides a training format involving round pen work, starting colts, developing young horses under saddle, and maintaining the aged horse 5 and over.

Level 1 Training
  • Correct movement
  • Work on older horses
  • Flexing
  • Gaits
  • Bitting 1 (snaffle, shank, gag, etc)
  • Longing
  • Basic Horsemanship
  • Energy control
  • General evaluation of the square and pacey horses
  • Shoeing
  • Movement evaluation
  • Ground handling skills
  • Canter a finished horse
Written and Live Testing

LEVEL 1: $2200

Level 2
  • Horses having already experience under saddle
  • Ground driving
  • Horsemanship
  • Energy management
  • Work and learn tools to actual correct trotty and pacey horses
  • Shoeing (types of horses)
  • Ground handling horsemanship
  • Bitting 2 (understand which bit does what)
  • Help a horse to perfect the Canter (collection, rhythm)
Written and Live Testing

LEVEL 2: $2200

Level 3
  • Colt Work
  • Shoeing
  • Build a young horse up to and age horse
  • Bitting (pick bits for the different stages of horses)
  • Pick me up technique
  • Live evaluation test / horse choice fitting training equipment
  • Problem solving (tongue over the bit, horse not Level behind…)
  • Customer management/stable management
  • Teach a horse to Canter
  • Saddle Fit
Written and Live Testing

LEVEL 3: $2200